The Rice 2017 Machine Learning Workshop will be held at the Rice BioScience Research Collaborative Building.

BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC)
Rice University
6500 Main Street
Houston, TX 77030-1402
Phone: 713.348.8600

Parking at the BRC

The BRC parking facilities are comprised of a three-level underground garage. The rate for the BRC Garage is $1 per 12 minutes, $11 daily maximum.

Payment method is by CASH or CREDIT CARD – At the garage entrance, the driver uses his credit card or pulls an entry ticket from the machine to open the gate. The visitor is instructed to park on the first floor (B1). If the visitor pulled a ticket, he or she will carry the entry ticket with them when they exit the car. When ready to leave, the visitor stops at the “pay-on-foot” machine near the elevators. As instructed by the machine, the visitor inserts the ticket into the machine and is shown the amount owed. The visitor may then pay with cash (coins or paper currency) or credit card. The machine issues an exit ticket. The visitor then drives to the exit gate, inserts the exit ticket, and the gate opens. To print a receipt, the visitor can push the button next to the word “Receipt” on the pay-on-foot machines. IMPORTANT – if you are issued a validation, please insert it FIRST into the machine, it will keep the validation. Then, insert the credit card used or ticket pulled at the entry and the gate will open.

Please note: When entry tickets are used, multiple tickets may be paid sequentially using a single credit card. When entering by inserting a credit card, only one car may enter per credit card.


BioScience Research Collaborative Building


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